Jet Black Steel

Jet Black Steel

We've had every part of the Boetti made with utmost precision. Precision approaching perfection. The combination of Jet Black Leather and Stainless Steel? Remarkable, we dare to say. And at 36mm, Boetti will be the most comfortable watch you've ever had on your wrist.

Its ultramarine blue second hand dial pays tribute to the famous Italian painter Cennino Cennini. During the Renaissance, Ultramarine was the finest and most expensive blue that could be used by painters and was often used to symbolize holiness and humility.

"Ultramarine blue is a color illustrious, beautiful, the most perfect, beyond all other colors; one could not say anything about it, or do anything with it, that its quality would not still surpass" - Cennino Cennini

One could not say anything about it, or do anything with it, that its quality would not still surpass. Today, more than 500 years later, our watches are built with the very same aspiration.

The strap

Handmade Italian leather in Boetti Jet Black™ with hand sewn corner stitching.

Sourced from a small artisan within Tuscany region in Italy, each strap is crafted by hand. Due to the unique nature of the jet black leather material combined with the human element of their construction, each strap has a true personality all on its own.

The movement

The fine art of watchmaking can be expressed in many forms. For us, the movement contains as much art as the case, dial and rest of your watch. 

Each component of the Boetti have been carefully crafted to fit its 65 different parts on 36mm and at the same time make sure the entire watch was is no thicker than 11mm. Opting for a self-winding automatic instead of a battery-driven quartz lead us to use a custom-made self-winding movement.

An automatic movement is a mechanical watch movement that doesn't use a battery. Instead, it's wound by the motion of your wrist. The rotor pivots freely around a spindle, and a movement in either direction helps to rewind the mainspring. The watch is then regulated by a spiral balance wheel that vibrates 28,800 times per hour.  While it is slightly less precise than a battery-powered quartz movement (by a few minutes per month), it is the ultimate example of exquisite watchmaking tradition. 

The name

Boetti borrows from both Swedish and Italian. Boett meaning watch-case in swedish and Stretti meaning narrow in Italian. Put the two of them together and you'll get Boetti. 

The details

  • Case: Stainless Steel
    • Glass: Sapphire Crystal, scratch resistant
    • Dial material: Ceramic
    • Second Hand Colour: Ultramarine Blue
    • Case dimension: 36mm
    • Dial color: Porcelain White
    • Movement type: Self-Winding Automatic
    • Movement parts: 55
    • Water resistance: 3 ATM (Suitable for everyday use. Splash/rain resistant.)
    • Movement vibrations:  28,800 VPH
    • Power reserve: 42 Hours
    • Strap: Handmade Italian
    • Strap color: Jet Black
    • Complication: Day of Month



    Hundreds of customers from all over the world have fallen in love with their Boetti 36 Automatic. Check out what other customers are saying:

    "The first thing that caught my attention about the Boetti 36 was the size, I have very skinny arms so I can't wear larger watches. And of course I love the design and the fact that it is automatic." – Nils Jonson, Sweden

    "This watch represents a classic luxury watch that I needed to add to my collection and is better with the mechanical movement! Thank you for creating this awesome watch!" – Hector F Gonzalez Garcia, Puerto Rico

    "The terms "handmade" and "craftsmanship" had almost died out but thanks to the maker movement and crowd funding that is no longer the case." – Robert Vaughn, United States

    "I'm a mechanical engineer with a deep appreciation for the classic movement of an automatic I have really skinny wrists. Thanks for making a product that fits the bill." – Daniel Treffery, United States

    "From the first time I landed on the Boetti Kickstarter home page, the Boetti stood out 

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