A 36 millimeter automatic watch for less than $1,000

As timepiece aficionado's, in our quest to find the perfect watch, we slowly realised that a 36mm automatic watch simply didn't exist. At least not unless you were willing to wear a female timepiece or travel in time to the 60s.

We decided to take matters into our own hands and bring life to the product that we were so desperately searching for. We've worked with partners from all over the world over the last 18 months with the following criterias:

1/ Self-winding automatic movement
2/ 36mm case width
3/ No more than 10mm thickness
4/ Slim, comfortable & easy-to-read

With a touch of Italian luxury and Swedish Craftmanship, Inspired by The 60's and Era of Mad Men, we proudly present Boetti - The Worlds First 36mm Automatic Watch For Less Than $1,000.

We've had every part of the Boetti made with utmost precision. Precision approaching perfection. The combination of Mocha and Gold? Remarkable, we dare to say. And at 36 millimeter, the Boetti will be the most comfortable watch you've ever had on your wrist.

The price will be $299 for the Boetti Mocha Gold Limited Edition. Our first production batch will be in a limited edition of 333 watches, available exclusively to our most loyal fans. Join the waiting list today and we'll notify you when we're opening up the order page.

It's the type of watch you'll spot from across the room. A real head turner.

Now ask yourself: Are you man enough for a small watch?