How 274 backers brought Boetti to life

We knew we wanted to make an affordable yet luxury 36mm automatic watch – but the question yet remained: Was it something that other people would want, too?

With a very limited budget and no external capital we turned to the Kickstarter community in early 2015 to validate if there was a demand for our prototype – and were completely blown away by the amazing support we received when 274 backers in the product, design and tech community got together and helped us reach 239% of our goal.

274 like-minded individuals from 31 different countries pledged to pre-order Boetti 36 Automatic and that's what enabled us to bring our two models Jet Black Steel and Tan Suede Gold into production.

Thanks to our early fans that believed in us you can now order your own Boetti 36 in our online shop

Check out our Indiegogo page and get the full story here. Make sure you watch the video – It's been viewed 17,000+ times.