Slim Leather Wallet (Cioccolato) - Boetti - Are You Man Enough to Wear a Small Watch?
Slim Leather Wallet (Cioccolato) - Boetti - Are You Man Enough to Wear a Small Watch?
Slim Leather Wallet (Cioccolato) - Boetti - Are You Man Enough to Wear a Small Watch?
Slim Leather Wallet (Cioccolato) - Boetti - Are You Man Enough to Wear a Small Watch?
Slim Leather Wallet (Cioccolato) - Boetti - Are You Man Enough to Wear a Small Watch?

Slim Leather Wallet (Cioccolato)

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A perfectly balanced wallet at just the right size in our beautiful signature Italian leather. A slim, vertical bi-fold wallet that holds your bills and cards. We’ve added a slim pocket on the outside for your most frequently used card.


  • Holds 5 – 8 cards
  • One quick access card slot on the outside
  • Protected section for cards & business cards
  • Handmade, 100% Genuine Leather
  • Width 7.5cm (3 inches) folded
  • Height 10.5cm (4.1 inches) folded
  • Three colours: cioccolato, cherry maple and vintage


You'll show up in style without too much to carry around, yet with the everyday essentials catering to the needs of the modern entrepreneur. It's the perfect companion that will get you through your day on the move.

Design, material and craftsmanship

We've had every aspect of the Boetti Slim Leather Wallet made with utmost precision. From the choice of 100% genuine premium cowhide leather to the stitching in durable polyester threading. The slim pocket on the outside holds your most frequently used card.

Handmade, 100% Genuine Leather

How many things do you own that get better with age? People that love using leather products particularly cherish the weathered look that comes with regular use and passage of time.

Just like the wrinkles in the face of a weathered explorer tell a thousand tales, the weathering of leather also tells a story – of adventures undertaken, treasures found and a secret knowledge.

Leather is a natural product – and it ages. Also, it absorbs the traces of life around it – the natural body oils that your body produces, water, moisture, conditioner, dirt, dust, sunlight, heat – the leather absorbs it all. Over time, it develops a sheen in some places – while some spots may see a relative darkening.

It is the hallmark of high quality, genuine leather products – a patina, a soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather, imparting a character, a personality to the product. It is like an indelible stamp of ownership, a coat of arms – unique for every product and customer.

Patina, the nobility of time, a chronicle of colours and the art of graceful aging. 

Note that naturally developed patina takes time to develop, as all good things do. The darkening in some places, the honey glaze in others, and even the scratches and scuffs that come with a natural usage – all of them go into creating an aura of weathering that is truly beautiful to behold.

Warranty and 30 day return policy

This product comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Why do people choose automatic watches? Because they realize that the traditional art of fine watchmaking demands a perfect balance of engineering, art and style.

Skeleton Caseback

The open skeleton case back (covered by scratch resistant sapphire Crystal) allows you to view the watch’s movement and get a glimpse into the very soul of the Boetti.